Sasaki Ayaka, Momoclo-chan’s Idol!

Name: Sasaki Ayaka (佐々木 彩夏)
Nickname: Aarin
Birthday: 11 June 1996
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 160 cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hobby: Reading, watching movies, collecting cute things, bathing, cooking, decoration, fashion, music appreciation
Speciality: Dance, pinning her curly smooth hair into a bun easily
Strength: Morning person
Weakness: Weird, inflexible
Personality: A helpful, neat girl who doesn’t sweat the small stuff
Favourite food: Cream puffs, salad, omelette rice
Favourite word: Empathy
Momoclo: Dazzling like a diamond and filled with dreams

Taking care of my skin, kyukyu kyukyu!
Aarin’s cheeks are (squishy!)
Squishy? You mean bouncy! (Bouncy!)
The slightly sexy, mischievous Momoclo idol, this is Sasaki Ayaka aka Aarin!



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