~Compass of the dream~

Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z - Compass of the dream - 2013-2014 / Ohta Publishing
Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z ~Compass of the dream~ 2013-2014

CHAPTER 1: To the promised place
Individual documentations of the girls’ stories, from the holy night to Kokuritsu
Momota Kanako’s “Tomorrow”
Sasaki Ayaka’s “Failure”
Tamai Shiori’s “Graduation”
Ariyasu Momoka’s “Potential”
Takagi Reni’s “Perspective”

CHAPTER 2: In the light of the sacred fire

CHAPTER 3: National Stadium and dreams: Another story ~Takagi-sensei’s visit to Houzan Elementary School~

CHAPTER 4: Compass directions to the girls’ future: Long interview with Kawakami Akira

CHAPTER 5: Dream footsteps: Quick Japan Interview Archives

EPILOGUE: After the festivities

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    I have the book but my nihongo level doesn’t allow me to read it… :v

  2. Will you be translating the rest? :s

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