Posted on 2014-10-10 01:00:18

Kokuritsu’s Blu-ray & DVD were released— (`・ω・´)

There seems to be lots of people
who’ve already watched the DVD ❤

So happy image

Aarin watched a tiny bit too! (laugh)

But her tears came right from the start (´・ω・`)

Thoughts like “we really held a concert at Kokuritsu~”
and “so it wasn’t a dream~” ran through her mind!

With lots of Mononofu at the venue,
the Downtown Momoclo band,
and all the guest performers watching over us,

we really looked so blessed.

It was the greatest joy.
Thank you ❤

To all the Mononofu who hadn’t watched it yet,
please do so soon (ˆoˆ )/

And then, today, Aarinyasu
went to Hokkaido on a campaign to commemorate the DVD’s release!



We appeared live on “Ichioshi!”

To everyone at Hokkaido TV!
And everyone who watched the live broadcast!

Thank you (^ω^)

Aarin was glad to go!

Hokkaido got really cold during the evening.
Winter is really coming—

Aarin was happy to see all the Dominofu (Hokkaido’s Mononofu) gathered together!

Thank you so much for waiting out in the cold!

Every time, we’d take commemorative group shots,
and Aarin was really looking forward to that—!

She’s so glad to take photos with so many people (*´-`)

Though they spent such a short period of time in Hokkaido!
It was really such a fun journey—! ♪

let’s go on a campaign again someday—!

I’ll be reading your QuickJapan too—! (ノ)•ω•(ヾ)



We received green and pink flowers!
Thank you!

image Sasaki Ayaka image

↑ Gonna use crowns from now on! (laugh)