Posted on 2015-02-12 17:30:48

Everyone! Ko-nya-nya-chiwa!

Yesterday at Yokohama Arena,
we had the Momoclo Club public recording & Valentine’s Event 󾬍󾬍

To everyone who came
or watched the Live Viewing

Thank you! (`・ω・´)

This was our 3rd time hosting the Momoclo Club public recording ( ˆoˆ )/

Though it seems like just yesterday when we did it the 1st time

This year, we did it at Yokohama Arena, similar to last year,
and we just felt so close to everyone.

Aarin was really happy to be able to get up close with everyone 🙌
Starting with the first live performance of “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina”~

Shunpuutei Shouta-san actually made a surprise guest appearance!!

He suddenly launched into a list of funny stories…
Yes! As if he was on a comedy stage?

Aarin was shocked 󾭛󾭛

He also taught us about eating soba and sword wielding ♪

Thank you ( ˆoˆ )/

After that, we did America Cherry~
As well as “Datte Aarin”~

And our annual Valentine’s Event tradition: the radio drama!!

And Aarin had a twin tail festival too 󾬍 ← Huh?!

※ It wasn’t a twin tail festival.
Aarin just wanted to do the hairstyle. (laugh)

It was so much fun (*¨*)(*¨*)

And so and so, Aarin’s twin tail festival!
~Blog Edition~

How is it?! (・A・) 󾬏

She started off with low twin tails,
then ended with high twin tails. (laugh)

How does everyone find it? (。-∀-)

Aarin is suffering from muscle aches now (laugh)

But why? ( `^´ )
She works hard during rehearsals too (laugh)

For Gekkan TAKAHASHI today,
she will hang on while battling muscle aches. (laugh)

To all the AE members in Nagoya—
Please wait for us— (^ω^)

Same goes to
everyone attending tomorrow’s movie meet-and-greet session too!

Sasaki Ayaka