Posted on 2015-02-15 00:24:13

Not a song.

But an album! (`・ω・´)

We did meet-and-greet sessions at Odaiba and Makuhari today—!

So that’s Day 2 done

No matter where we go, everyone is always waiting for us, and the fact makes Aarin really happy.

Even children came to watch…
Aarin was so glad to see them!!

Like this, the ring of “Maku ga Agaru” will stretch around Japan

That thought just occured to Aarin
as she was sitting here at home, starting into space (^ω^)

And what’s playing on the stereo at home now
is Kado Asami-san’s album “SACHET” ♪

Has everyone heard of it—?

Aarin didn’t really know her,
but her Mama always listens to Kado Asami-san’s music.

And so, the more Aarin listened to it, the more she grew to like it. (laugh)

Now, she always listens to her music

Her songs make time seem to pass slower, so it’s perfect to help Aarin relax

And it feels so mature too! ( •∀•)/

And when she looked through the lyrics booklet,
Aarin found out that the arrangement for the song “Lonely Lonely” was done by Matsutouya Masataka-san…

It’s Yuming’s Papa!!!

Wow, it just made Aarin’s day! ( ˆoˆ )/

…It’s a little strange, yes (laugh)

But wow.

Ah—, Aarin loves moments like these (*¨*)

Here are some photos of mature Aarin

taken during Nikkei Entertainment’s photoshoot!

Alright, it’s time to sleep.

She’s going to continue listening to the album and fall asleep right here n the living room

Sasaki Ayaka