Posted on 2015-11-04 10:24:08

November is here, and it’s suddenly so cold

I may be a little early, but I’ve decorated my Christmas tree

This year’s tree is simple, with only red decorations
I like it because it feels like a traditional Christmas

Then, new song “No.1” Chaku-uta (R) & Ringtone has been released today

It will be played live on KANA CHANNEL from 20:00~ today as well, and it’ll be great because I can chat about lots of things then
Please watch it if you can


New song “No.1” (Theme song for Nippon TV Drama “Okitegami Kyouko no bibouroku”)
Chaku-uta (R) & Ringtone released today, 4 Nov (Wed) 0:00~ onwards ♪

[Recochoku] Chaku-uta (R)

[iTunes] Ringtone

New song “No.1” will be included in album “Secret Collection ~GREEN~”, on sale from 18 Nov.
First press editions of “RED” and “GREEN” will include a DVD of digests of past concerts which have never been released.
“RED” includes footage from the 2013 X’mas concert, while “GREEN” includes footage from the 2014 Halloween concert ♪

“Secret Collection ~RED~ / ~GREEN~” Special Site