We had so much excitement, Fukuoka ↑↑↑

We were all caught up in singing, playing, dancing, even laughing (laugh)

The A troupe really achieved our full potential as entertainers!!

And during the MC session, troupe leader ayu has mentioned “Kyouhei-chan” many times.

Because there are many people who wish to see who that is, we’re doing an introduction here!!

“Kyouhei-san” from the Stage Director’s team.


An extremely fresh-faced person~

Because he kept running away from our camera, it was really hard to get a candid shot of him. (sweatdrop)

By the way, “Kyouhei” is only his nickname. His real name is something totally different. (laugh)

Kyouhei-san plays an important part in supervising the stage framework, as well as directing the mechanisms, so troupe leader ayu and all the staff members really trust him.

By the way, this Saturday, the 25th of June, will be Kyouhei-san’s birthday, so please tell him “Happy birthday~ ♪” cheerfully if you see him ☆

And so, today’s entry will end off with a picture of Kyouhei-san being a Korean fashion star (^^)/~~

☆、。・:*:・゚`Sarang hae yo、。・:*:・゚`★.。・:*:・

A-STAFF Minazou