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「CR Hamasaki Ayumi Story ~Prologue~」 tells the story of how one girl overcame many obstacles in her dream to become a singer.

With special editing of LIVE concert clips illustrating her flying steps through 13 years, this game can be enjoyed not only by pachinko fans, but music fans in general as well.

For machine release dates, please make enquiries at the nearest pachinko parlour.


Concept Movie

Finally, the pop princess lifts her veil. Everyone knows her songs, but noone knows her story.

In 1978, one newborn lets out her first cry. Once she became old enough to understand what’s going on around her, she started putting her own words to her own songs. Before she knew it, her dream to become an artist came true. She became Hamasaki Ayumi.

As a female artist, her position in the Singles Top 10 rankings has always been absolute. Irrepressible will, burning passion, courage that doesn’t know cowardice, an average girl overflowing with love. To achieve her dream, she has taken the challenge, together with her fans.

This is the story of how one girl reached her dream. CR Hamasaki Ayumi Story


Special 「Duty」 PV

A specially-edited PV for 「Duty」, only available here.