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Thank you!!
2 July 2012. 19:47:02

The Family Party welcomed its finale successfully a few days ago, and I’ve received lots of letters and comments about it this time too 

Thank you so much for the warm messages 

I’ll read every single precious letter one by one 

After finishing the enjoyable tour, I took a little break to refresh myself , and hurried back to production work yesterday.

I’m working hard so that my works will reach everyone as soon as possible 

And then, from today (2 July, Mon) onwards, the ticket lottery for the “Kanayan Tour 2012 ~Arena~” will begin on official site “KANAYANS”!

Please check out the special page on “KANAYANS” for more details 

*Viewable on mobile, smartphones and PC.

I’ll be working on both production and the arena tour preparation at the same time 
Please look forward to them as you wait