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HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch Day 3!!!
22 July 2012. 13:10

The rainy season is over, and summer has finally begun at Osaka Jou Hall. HOTEL Love songs Osaka branch (Day 3) opened yesterday! (^_-)

As expected of Osaka!!!

Everyone’s passionate cheers steamed up the venue, and it was a super exciting party night of non-stop cheering.

Here are some commemorative photos of everyone’s wonderful smiles at Osaka branch’s Day 3, the first live after the rainy season!!! (^-^)/

Thank you so much to everyone who cooperated with our phototaking despite the rain.

And then, Osaka branch’s Day 4 will open today ☆

Let’s party so hard and add more heat to this hot summer—!!! \(^o^)/

Our HOTEL troupe promises to do our very best with all our hearts, without holding back, so that everyone’s stay will become the best page of your summer’s memories. We sincerely await everyone’s arrival.