Maybe it’s time for Aarin to start wearing winter coats to school-.

…Well (^^)

Actually, Aarin’s coat already made its debut today Image

Aarin has gotten by so far with just a scarf wrapped around her neck
to keep her warm-.

There wasn’t a need for coats yet.

But the cold winter has come so early this year, so the coat has made an early debut too- (´・ω・)

With a coat,
carrying a bag becomes a hassle too- (´・ω・)

Aarin was rushing around this morning
so she actually didn’t want to put on the coat! Image

But it was raining…
So she just pulled it out of the closet (laugh)

It just came back from the cleaner’s too, so the laundry tag was still attached (laugh)

Having a coat is so warm Image

So, here’s a photo of the coat…

…Actually, I don’t have one (laugh)

Sorry! (´・ω・` Image


Ah, Reni-chan did UST yesterday, right?

Aarin didn’t get the chance to watch it,
but she revealed some of Momokuri’s goods and Teshiro Park, right-? Image

It’s coming soon! Momokuri Image Image

We’re doing well with lessons too~

We’ll work hard! ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

Image Sasaki Ayaka Image