Posted on 2014-04-05 21:01:39


Congrats on being starting pitcher!!

We’ve all been waiting for this day- \(^o^)/

Thank you so much—
For sending such wonderful news back to Japan (*^ω^*)

We’re all really happy to hear of Maa-kun’s achievements!

Maa-kun, who has taken on the world

Everyone in Japan
Including Momoclo, of course, will support you!

Please continue to work hard (*∩ω∩)

And then,
continue to show us your international achievements
which has always been Maa-kun’s dream!


Someday, Aarin will go…
To watch a match…
And support you! image

And then-!
Momoclo will continue to work hard too! (`・ω・´)

image Sasaki Ayaka image