Posted on 2014-04-11 01:29:19

About 3 years ago…

Momoiro Clover became Momoiro Clover Z.

Has it really been 3 years?
Or rather, has it only been 3 years-? (laugh)

It seems like such a short period of time,
but because everyone has always——– stayed with us since Z was formed,
it feels as if so much had happened. (laugh)

3 years ago, at this time,
When we were about to become Z… We were all totally against the name change- (°∀° )/ (laugh)

Thinking about it now, why were the 5 of us so against the idea? (laugh)

Maybe because we hadn’t known how good it would feel
to say “Z——–!” together with everyone? (laugh)

Aarin herself forgot that today’s the 3rd year anniversary. (laugh)

It was only because she met with Yama-chan,
who reminded her of it (-^艸^-) (laugh)

And then,
everyone’s comments served as good reminders too!

Thank you 

Anyway, it seems like this 3rd year anniversary
would go uncelebrated, since today is almost over (´・ω・`) (laugh)

Oh well, we’re still Momoiro Clover Z. (laugh)

We’ll get lots of chances to celebrate “Momoiro Clover Z”‘s birthday in the years to come

So let’s postpone the celebrations
to next year! (・∀・) (laugh)

We’ve grown up together with everyone 

From now on
We are Momoiro Clover Z…
I am Aarin 

Please support us!!!

 Sasaki Ayaka