Posted on 2014-06-04 23:31:35

Happy birthday, Shiori—-n
Happy birthday, Shiori—-n

Happy birthday, dear Shiori—-n

Happy birthday, Shiori—-n ♪

Congrats—-! image

19 years old \(^o^)/

And it’s here again, the only week in the year when Shiorin and Aarin are 2 years apart!! (laugh)

In reality, Shiorin is supposed to be Aarin’s big sis.


She falls asleep as soon as we reach the hotel,

she becomes really whiny after each meal,

every time Aarin see her, her hair gets shorter and shorter,
even her bangs have gotten so short,

and she always gives her shiitake mushrooms in her bento to Aarin,

Aarin loves every side of Shiorin– image

Please continue to support Aarin! (。-∀-)

Ah, please wait a little more for your birthday present (´・_・`) image (laugh)


image Sasaki Ayaka image