Posted on 30 April 2014. 00:44
by ayu.

Right now, yes—..

I feel as if I’ve been halved.

Of course, I’m not going to go into detail about certain adult matters.

But if I can say one thing, it’s that all these close comrades have been with me all this while in LA, cheering me on from morning till night. Now, I’m going to bring all of it back to those comrades in Tokyo and deliver it to them, where they can continue to brush things up even further.

There’s not much time left till the crazy 3 days of dress rehearsals → full rehearsals → costume rehearsals, but I’ll continue to brush up, both mentally and physically.

With my heart and soul, I’ll deliver a troupe which noone has ever seen before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So wait for me with a smile (*^^*)

I will smile too (*^^*)