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Hamasaki Ayumi’s First Tweet after Divorce “Never Regret Anything”
23 January 2012. 10:49:02

On the morning of 23/1/2012, singer Hamasaki Ayumi updated her Twitter for the first time since the divorce.

On 16/1/2012, Hamasaki Ayumi announced her decision to divorce from Austrian actor husband Manuel Schwarz. She also tweeted a single message, saying that “TA is updated”, a contrast from her usual enthusiastic tweeting self.

Currently overseas, Hamasaki tweeted a message in English, “Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted…”, along with a photo. The image conveyed a message of progress, with a back view of Hamasaki running towards a translucent blue sea.

Fans’ comments include,

“The view of ayu-chan’s back as she runs towards the sea is so peaceful”
“ayu-chan!! I love you—! ( ; ; )”
“Welcome back! ayu will always be ayu!”

and other such encouraging messages.