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New Nails / Hamasaki Ayumi
30 January 2012. 18:31:02

Artiste Hamasaki Ayumi has revealed new nail designs on her Twitter account.

Hamasaki revealed her “heart nails” on Twitter the previous day, inciting comments like “I want to copy that” from many fans.

Miss Sakoda Aiko from salon “esNail”, who did the manicure, also received many questions from fans via Twitter. It was a trending topic with a large impact.

The “heart nails” this time is a refreshing design, with white hearts drawn on the tips of nails coated with clear polish.

Together with the photo, Hamasaki wrote a proud comment, “With my new heart nails done by Ai-pon, let’ go to little bro’s live ♪ Let’s go ♪”.

Fans’ comments include,

“ayu-sama’s nails are too cute– (*^^*)”
“ayu’s nails are cute”
“ayu-chan (*^o^*) your nails are so cute~~♪(≧∇≦)”

and other such praises.