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Hamasaki Ayumi’s new lover and confirmed boyfriend, eyewitness accounts of dates in Hawaii
15 November 2012.

Hamasaki Ayumi (34) had been seen having a passionate date with back-up dancer A-san (28).

The scene was a large supermarket near Waikiki in Hawaii, quiet after midnight with few locals or tourists left shopping.

In their midst was a Japanese couple pushing a big cart. The woman was dressed in resort style, with short pants, T-shirt and a fur parka, in a good mood because she was free to roam around without her entourage. The two’s hands were entwined, faces so close as if about to kiss, laughing together as they piled goods into their cart.

The couple was ayu and A-san. A-san acted as ayu’s lover in the “You&Me” PV released in August. She holding his arm and dating in an amusement park at Minaminoshima, him embracing the bikini-clad ayu bridal-style on the beach… The theme of the PV was truly “summer romance”, but it seemed a little too real, and people started to confirm A-san as ayu’s “new lover”.

An eyewitness reported that “the two were always together, only joining the other staff when it was time to cash out. They came to Hawaii for work, but when alone, they were like lovers”.

On 11 October, after finishing her last show for tour “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~”, which lasted for 37 shows and played to 320,000 audience, ayu flew out to Hawaii. Of course, A-san, who had been the person closest and most supportive to her, accompanied ayu to Hawaii as mentioned.

After Hawaii, ayu flew on to Los Angeles, and A-san accompanied her there too. During Halloween on 31 October, the two cosplayed together in matching mini-skirt uniforms. ayu had uploaded photos of the event onto Twitter.

With Austrian model ex-husband (31), whom she had divorced on New Year’s Day without ever officially registering the marriage, ayu started off casting him as her husband in a PV, which then led to real marriage. Will this repeat again?… However, A-san is still a married man. In 2005, he had married dancer B-san (43), and the two are currently involved in a drawn-out divorce process, and the name “Hamasaki Ayumi” is being thrown about in the judicial proceedings.

For example, the wife has accused A-san of “hiding the fact that he is married, because ayu got jealous”, and ayu’s name has come up repeatedly during several occasions.