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Hamasaki Ayumi’s new release ranks 7th. Attains a tie for the record of “female artiste with highest number of TOP10 albums”
25 September 2013.

Hamasaki Ayumi released live album “ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~” on 18 September, which ranked 7th on Oricon’s weekly album ranking charts, helping her to reach the record of “female artiste with highest number of TOP10 albums”.

Hamasaki Ayumi has accumulated 46 albums which have ranked TOP10, and now holds the record together with Matsutoya Yumi. This is also the first live album by a female artiste to rank in TOP10 after a long time, 2 years and 10 months after YUKI’s “YUKI“The Present”2010.6.14,15 Bunkamura Orchard Hall”.

The album contains popular tracks like “A Song for XX”, “M”, “Voyage” and “HEAVEN”, as well as rare tracks like “teddy bear”, which has not been released in CD format since album “Duty”, released in 2000 13 years ago. The album also contains “Key ~ eternal tie ver.~”, performed during the encore of the semi-finale, which will not be included in the live DVD release.