Any TeamAyu member that comes down to the COUNTDOWN LIVE venue can take part in the following 2 campaigns to win presents!


★ “TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2013-2014 Ver.” Present ♪♪♪

The “TeamAyu LOTTERY” is back again this year!!
A double sticker featuring the jacket cover of the newest single, and the countdown live logo!!
Win 1 out of 3 random designs!

“TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2013-2014 Ver.”
● “Feel the love/Merry-go-round” CD+DVD Ver.
● “Feel the love/Merry-go-round” CD Ver.
● “Feel the love/Merry-go-round” CD+DVD TeamAyu Ver.

Pick the “HAPPY card” to win the grand prize ★
Check out the grand prize at the venue itself!!

Come try your year-end luck at the “ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013-2014 A” venue!!

※ “TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2013-2014 Ver” designs are random and cannot be chosen. Stickers are limited in number and may run out of stock.
※ Winners of the HAPPY card will have to redeem their prizes on the same day.


★ Jacket Cover Photo Magnet Present ♪♪♪

The popular A BEST SLOT at the Hamasaki Ayumi 15th Anniversary tour venue is back.
Try your luck and win magnets of the jacket cover photos!!
Win 1 out of 75 random designs, featuring the key visual of all released singles, albums, best albums and mini-albums!

※ Designs are random and cannot be chosen.
※ Magnets are limited in number and may run out of stock.



Access the URL below and log-in to obtain a TeamAyu “QR code digital fanclub pass”. Show the pass at the fanclub booth to participate.

TeamAyu membership cards, log-in screens, e-mails and other proof will not be accepted. Please download the digital pass.

※ Members can take part in the events once per day each on the 29th, 30th and 31st.
※ Members without concert tickets can take part as well.
※ The digital pass can be downloaded onto the PC, smartphone or mobile. A printout from PC will be accepted.
※ The fanclub booth will be open at the same time as the goods booths.
※ New members who join the fanclub at the venue cannot take part in these 2 events.

Your TeamAyu membership number and password are needed to download the digital pass.
We cannot ensure help at the venue should you forget your number or password, so please come prepared.

※ Members must use their own membership only. Sharing is not allowed.
※ One membership number can redeem 1 “TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER” and 1 “Jacket photo magnet” per day.
※ Members with more than 1 membership account and number can redeem for 2 accounts at one go. Members will have to join the queue again to use subsequent accounts if any.
※ It is advisable to download the digital pass beforehand, in case the site experiences heavy traffic or crashes.