The popular special booths are making a comeback for the 15th Anniversary COUNTDOWN LIVE!!
There are lots of booths for you to enjoy, so please visit them if you have the time ♪



A revival after 2 years!!
We want to help everyone to warm their bodies at the cold venue! And so, the free corn soup service from 2 years ago is back.
Because we received lots of comments like “lining up for the goods is so cold, so this is great!”, so just produce a receipt with one of the below to receive 1 cup of corn soup!
After buying the goods, please come to the corn soup booth ♪

★ Purchase 4,000yen worth at the goods booth
★ Become a new fanclub member at the TeamAyu booth
★ Purchase 4,000yen worth at the CD&DVD booth

※ Corn soup is limited, so it may become sold out.
※ Corn soup can only be redeemed with a same-day receipt.
※ Only receipts from the venue will be accepted.
※ Receipts from the “ayumi hamasaki × Manten no hoshi daifuku” will not be accepted. Those who wish to combine their receipts can do so with receipts from the goods booth and “Manten no hoshi daifuku”.


ayumi hamasaki × ARTISTAMP

The cut, paste and play “ayumi hamasaki × ARTISTAMP” booth at this summer’s a-nation venue will be back at the COUNTDOWN LIVE venue!
The ARTISTAMP has lots of new designs to help you power up your passionate feelings for the concert!
Decorate yourself at the “ayumi hamasaki × ARTISTAMP” before going into the venue!


New Year Soba Booth A

Representative manager of “Kamakura Issa-an”, director Maruyama Yukihiro-san will be returning to the “New Year Soba Booth A” after 3 years!
Of course, the meal comes with special chopsticks!
Have some New Year soba before COUNTDOWN LIVE!

Price: 1,200yen per bowl

Opening hours:
29 Dec (Sun) 13:00~
30 Dec (Mon) 13:00~
31 Dec (Tue) 17:00~

※ Opening times are subject to change.
※ Customers without concert tickets are welcome.