The traditional Japanese craft of Hakata Doll is made in the image of ayupan, limited to 300 figures, each with a serial number!

The Hakata Doll ayupan, born from Hakata Doll craftsmaster Nishiyama Yoichi.
Feminine silhouette and line, moulded from soft warm clay, the doll looks gentle and exquisite.

A figure will be on display at the COUNTDOWN LIVE venue.
Please do come down to have a look!


Hakata Doll ayupan

Price: 18,900yen

Sale Period: 8 Jan 2014 (Wed) 19:00~


<Hakata Doll>
Hakata Dolls are clay dolls which became popular in the 1600s in Hakata, Kyushu.
The craftsmaster uses skill to mould the figure from clay, cook to harden the clay, then paint each figure with fine brushes.
In 1976, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry appointed the traditional craft and its dolls as representatives of the country of Japan.