Posted on 2014-06-14 20:46:30



Sekai fushigi hakken
from 9pm tonight!!!

I’ll be on the show!!

Here’s a photo with fushigi hakken’s Imayama-san! (^^)☆

And this time!
We’re uncovering the secrets
of Walt Disney’s magic!!

Don’t you wanna watch it? Don’t you? (laugh)

Aah- I wanna watch it-
Just tune in to
TBS at 9pm! (laugh)

And then, as many already know,
“Naitemo iin da yo” Father’s Day ver. is up on Asahi Shinbun Digital-san’s Youtube (*゚▽゚*)

And limited to Father’s Day tomorrow
A special site to send “Naitemo iin da yo” to your daddy will also be up on the site,
so everyone,
do send “Naitemo iin da yo” to your daddys (*^^*)

Let it move your daddy, who has always been working so hard 〓

It’s made for Father’s Day,
but I was totally touched too. (ノ_・。)

Takitou-saaaaan!!! (;_;)