Posted on 2014-11-26 22:58:33


Momoclo-chan’s 3rd Kouhaku Utagassen performance
has been confirmeddddd 😣 ❤❤❤❤❤


That’s great—————

Aarin’s super happy!!
Really really happy!!!!

It’s because
of all the support everyone has given us this year!

Thank you so much.

Actually, ever since the start of November,
Aarin’s heart had been really restless…

Recently, she was writing all her plans for December
into her new 2015 schedule book.

She wrote FNS~
Momokuri rehearsals~
Momoiro Folk Village~

But, the 31st was left blank

And she secretly wished to write Kouhaku Utagassen there ( ˆoˆ )/

Now, she can do so— 🙌🙌

Aah… She’s really so happy 😌 ❤

Now the year is truly full!!

Year’s end is always
a busy time for Momoclo-chan! (`・ω・´)

Let’s dash on till the very end of 2014! ♪

And then, it’s late, but Onna Matsuri!

To everyone who came, and everyone who watched the LiveViewing
(And all the peeping boys. (laugh))

Thank you, everyone— ( •∀•)/

How did you find our hospitality? ❤

It was a wonderful world full of girls’ dreams!

The costumes and stage sets were all so cute
It just made the mood so high 😍

Thank you to all the dancers too.

You were all really sexy and cool…
Dance is really the best!
It made Aarin want to train even harder!

And then, of course,
producer Yumi-sensei!

Thank you (^ω^)

And then, great job!

Do continue to follow us! Sekai no Yumi-sensei! (。-∀-)

Please make us work super hard! (laugh)

Even though Onna Matsuri is over,
nothing is over yet! (laugh)

Momoiro Folk Village is tomorrow

Everyone, please watch it—!

Look forward to see what outfit Aarin will wear—! (laugh)

Sasaki Ayaka