Posted on 2015-03-11 12:36:25

She’s back— 🚄💨
with “O~i! Ryouma” in hand

Yesterday’s campaign was a journey from Kagawa Prefecture to Okayama Prefecture!

Thank you to everyone who came 💓

She’s so glad to see all venues dyed in full pink~ 🍀

She had some boned chicken at Kagawa Prefecture 💓
Then crossed the Great Seto Bridge despite strong winds

She reached the meet-and-greet venue just 10 minutes before the show 🚗

It was a “pit-a-pat heart throb” experience (laugh)
But it was a really enjoyable day (`・ω・´)

She received so many smiles from everyone 😌

Thank you so much,
to everyone gathered to see her,
and everyone at the cinemas!

Udonno (Aarin-style) hosted the session at Kagawa together with Aarin!!

Pink pretty Udonno-chan (^ω^)

Wow, she’s such too cute~ 💓

She put on the hair ties that Udonno-chan gave to her 💓

She also chatted on the phone with Shiorin,
heard everyone’s opinions…

Received news coverage from all the local media…

Even though she’s alone,
Aarin managed to hang on, thanks to everyone!!! (laugh)

She was really happy to create common memories
with everyone at Kagawa Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture yesterday! ///

Today is “Seishunfu”‘s release date!
Tomorrow is Gekkan TAKAHASHI!!

Every day is a busy day~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We had great weather yesterday, but it was really cold,
so let’s not fall sick, alright—!? 🙌

Sasaki Ayaka