Posted on 2015-03-30 11:04:14

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom \(^o^)/

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful up close, but also very pretty when seen from a distance 🌸

The morning news was all about the cherry blossoms, which made Aarin happy

Then, seeing the cherry blossoms through the train window healed her

As she went on her way to Dontaku rehearsals!

Has everyone gone to view the blossoms?

Aarin’s Mama wants to go strolling beneath the cherry blossom trees

And in order to decide on a day to do that, she asks Aarin how much of the trees have bloomed every single day (laugh)

“Will it be too early if I go on –day? Or too late?”… (laugh)

Well, Aa-chan doesn’t really know~ (laugh)

But she still gives a faithful report (。-∀-)

Aarin wants to view the cherry blossoms too 🙌

…Though she can hear everyone asking “but Aarin prefers dango over flowers, right?” (laugh)

Sakura-chan! Will you wait for Aarin to go see you before you wilt? (laugh)

More importantly! It’s Sunday! ♪
It’s finally the weekend (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Fu! Ku! O! Ka!

Mi! So! Hot! Pot!! ←

Aarin has been quietly planning a small image change! (`・ω・´)

Lots of her friends have undergone image changes after graduating from high school

Yes, that’s right. She has been thoroughly influenced. (laugh)

Did everyone who watched “Konya mo nama de Saka Masashi SP” a few days ago notice anything?

It’s a plan to grow! Her! Bangs! \( ˆoˆ )/

This is the biggest image change Aarin can undergo now! (laugh)

She hasn’t told Kawakami-san about it yet (laugh)

She’s secretly planning it ❤❤

She had grown it out so well the last time, until he said “Aarin! Your bangs are really long, please get them trimmed!” (>_<)

But it’s growing out well again ♪

So! What will happen to Aa-chan’s bangs this Sunday?

Aarin is looking forward to it too! ❤❤

Grow quicker——!

↑ Do you recognize this T-shirt? (。-∀-)

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
1. Aarin makes a joke about “dango over flowers”, based on the popular manga/anime “Hana yori dango”.