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ayu Returns Without Comment… Fully Guarded, Concealing her Left Hand
24 January 2012.

Hamasaki Ayumi (33), who announced her lightning divorce from Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz (31) late night on 16 Jan, returned to Japan via Seoul, after a work-related trip to UAE Dubai. This being her first public appearance since the divorce, Hamasaki nonetheless remained silent despite the press’ rapid-fire questions of “Have you talked with Manuel-san?” and “Is the divorce official?” On Twitter, she tweeted a message about having “no regrets” in English, implying that she is ready to move on.

For this first appearance after the divorce announcement, Hamasaki was fully guarded, dressed in a black coat with the hood up, black sunglasses and a mask. With her head bowed, her stance was stiff. About 40 press corps were gathered at the arrival gate, and though they fired many questions at her, she remained silent throughout.

Hamasaki also kept her left hand covered up with her coat sleeve, making it impossible to see if she still wore her wedding ring. Furthermore, she was surrounded by about 10 staff members who guarded her fiercely and fought against the press.

Hamasaki’s only response was to the question “Anything to say to the fans?”, to which she gave a nod. After she left the building, she turned and gave the press a small nod, but she still did not speak.

Late night on the 16th, Hamasaki suddenly announced her decision to divorce. After that, she left for Dubai for work, and came back to Japan after a week overseas. She is preparing for the concert tour, which is planned to start off at Saitama Super Arena on 7/4/2012. On this day, Hamasaki updated her Twitter for the first time since the divorce announcement, with a deep message written in English, “Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted…”