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Will She be Next After ayu? The Reason Why Singers’ Marriages Don’t Last!?
24 January 2012. 15:30

A few days ago, singer Hamasaki Ayumi terminated her married life with Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz with a speedy divorce after just a year. On the other hand, another singer, Koda Kumi, announced her marriage to fellow musician KENJI03, BACK-ON’s guitarist and vocal at the end of last year. Both are popular contrasting singers of this generation, and both presented their fans with a big shock at the end and beginning of the year.

And so, as various complicated backstories come to light and Hamasaki Ayumi’s divorce is kept in the limelight, a review of celebrity couplings from marriage to divorce seems to indicate that “singers” like Hamasaki often do not remain married for long.

For example, Utada Hikaru and Kazuaki Kiriya, Amuro Namie and SAM, had marriages that lasted about 5 years. Sheena Ringo and Junji Yayoshi’s marriage lasted a year and two months. Misora Hibari and Kobayashi Akira’s marriage was plagued by a complicated domestic environment, and they divorced after 2 years. In all cases, the women never officially registered their marriages. For an international example, Britney Spears and childhood friend Jason Alexander held a wedding ceremony while drunk, then submitted an appeal to negate the wedding once they sobered up, setting the record for the fastest divorce. Although this last example was committed under the “influence of alcohol”, the same could not be said for the rest.

As such, all those who claim the title of singer often end up with dramatic, short-lived marriages. A journalist familiar with the entertainment business commented that “Singers and artistes put themselves into their songs and music, and they sing with their hearts to convey their message. In order to perform, their emotions are often pulled into the content of their music”. “The artiste world is full of sensitive people. When they are getting into the mood of performing a break-up song, they develop unnecessary anxiety and think about breaking up when the smallest trouble occurs. Songs dealing with first love and fated meetings cause them to fall for new friends easily. Maybe that is the mindset singers fall into?…”

If that is true, how about Koda Kumi…!? With the release of the commemorable 10th album “JAPONESQUE”, together with the blessing of a child, let us hope that she will not be jinxed as well.