Posted on 2014-01-25 00:42:45

Hey hey, Aarin ate it!

The Romanesco broccoli!

It was a dish in her bento!

It’s such a pretty yellow-green, and immediately made the bento look bright (*^ω^*)

Hmm, but-
She was really shocked when she first opened it
because it looked like there was a baby dinosaur inside! (laugh)

All her friends said that it looked like a dinosaur too (laugh)

She was really quite nervous…to take the first bite (laugh)

Eating this really needs courage (laugh)

But she took a bite…

And it was so——- delicious ヾ(*・ω・*)ノ

It tastes like cauliflower…
But it’s a little sweeter…

She ate it all really quickly ♪

And she had so much of it for dinner too 

Aarin is totally addicted to Romanesco broccoli! (laugh)

Please buy more- (*∩ω∩)

Here we go—!
“Bokura no ongaku” was aired today! (。・ω・)ノ゛

 Sasaki Ayaka