Posted on 2014-11-06 23:53:28

Movie “Maku ga agaru”
will be released on 28 February 2015!

It’s finally been announced—!

It’s an original script by Hirata Oriza-san,
and the director is Motohiro Katsuyuki!

Actually, we did the filming
in summer this year (。-∀-)

There were lots of firsts for us,
and it was really really productive because we learnt new things everyday! (^ω^)

I totally didn’t understand anything at first, but when I slowly started to pick up all the professional lingo used on set, I felt really happy! (。-∀-)

For example, the clapperboard meant that we had to hold our pose,
and at first, the staff had to shout at us to
I’d like to think that the clumsy me had grown out of that by the end of filming! (laugh)

The release date is next year, but for those who wish to find out more: The director and staff of “Maku ga agaru” leaked some information on Ustream yesterday. (laugh)
Please watch it if you can!

I hope that lots of people will watch the movie,
so I’ll continue to work hard till the release date (*^^*)

Look forward to it~!