Posted on 2015-03-26 16:32:58

Wow~ Yesterday was cold!!
Eeek!! I mean…it was badddddd (((((( ;゚Д゚)))))

With this kind of cold, it may even snow again! (+ +)

Cold has really returned!!!!!

Everyone~ Have you caught a cold??! (; ;)

For me… I’ve not caught a cold because I’ve been healthy since last year, but the symptoms of hay fever is slowly starting to creep up on me…

Uuh, so I can’t say I’m totally fine
|Θ-`*) Sniff!! Atishoo ε=(。›ω‹。)

Anyway, when I was crossing the road today, lots of people suddenly dashed across the road in the moment when the flickering green man turned red, and I was unfortunately overwhelmed (+ +;)

The light would have turned green quickly again anyway!

Once again, I just felt that human beings are such… interesting creatures (* *;)

Like when we rush to buy things just because they’re nearly sold out

Hmm?! I guess there are more examples too (’ ’;)

But… this isn’t the place to talk about such random things, huh? ^^;

I wanted to upload the remaining off-shots today, but I wrote an unnecessarily long entry again de-ariyasu (`・Θ・´)

And with that, movie off-shots all at one go~ ♪

By the way, I think there will be a live recording of Momoclo-chan this weekend (*・Θ-*)

Then Dontaku next weekend ★☆

Even though the nationwide pilgrimage has ended, I’m still able to meet everyone! (*>∀<*)

Alright!! I’ll work hard at rehearsals———☆★☆

Today’s BGM ♪
Alexandros’ “Wataridori” (・Θ・)