Posted on 2015-03-25 01:07:21

Some time ago, Aarin came home to find that her kitchen was filled with really splendid parsley plants

The Sasaki home had never been so full of parsley before

Aarin wondered if they were for decorative purposes

But they were for her beauty and health ❤❤

For Aarin’s beauty and health ❤❤ ← It’s important, so she said it twice. (laugh)

She was going to challenge herself to cooking dishes with parsley!!

But parsley is usually served together with Aarin’s favorite fried foods, right?

That’s true… but she always ends up eating just the fried food, totally ignoring the parsley.

But she wondered if it was better to eat parsley as well, so this was her plan to conquer it!

The parsley that Aarin hates and never eats…

But she’s interested in this challenge 🙌

Mama said that starting well is important, so she cooked it in a way that made it easy to eat!

First up was parsley omelette 🍴

A fluffy fried egg filled with lots of parsley, onions and bacon.

It was alright ♪
It’ll be delicious ♪

So she conquered parsley with enjoyment! (`・ω・´)

Then, this morning was parsley onigiri 󾥡

Aarin’s favorite onigiri with sakura shrimp, white sesame and salted lemon 󾥡 with parsley!

That’s ok! It was an easy feat!
And so delicious…

The parsley was a beautiful green, so it looked really nice too (^ω^)

If she continues to conquer it so well, maybe she’ll be able to eat it raw someday?

Some off-shots from “Maku ga Agaru”!!

The scene where everyone’s beloved Akemi-chan first appears. (laugh)

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
1. Akemi is the character Aarin plays in Maku ga Agaru.