Posted on 2015-03-23 13:28:47

We hosted the Onnagawa Town Recovery Festival yesterday!!!

Through a concert, we created the same memories with our friends at Onnagawa 🙌

Thank you to everyone who waited for us at Onnagawa (`・ω・´)

And thank you to everyone who came down to Onnagawa (`・ω・´)

We were so glad that everyone was so excited during the concert!

A concert surrounded by the mountains just felt so good and fun 🌱🌱

We also performed “Seishunfuu” together with the elementary school students of Onnagawa town, chatted with everyone from Onnagawa Sangai FM, and ate Onnagawa’s delicious seafood…

Aarin wanted to deliver smiles to everyone

But she received lots of smiles from everyone at Onnagawa this time too, and learned something precious \( ˆoˆ )/

Thank you, everyone at Onnagawa 😌

The people of Onnagawa and Tohoku are really wonderful~

And thank you to all the Mononofu (^ω^)

The colorful Mononofu amidst the green saplings seemed like a prelude to a beautiful field of flowers 🌸

Thank you so much.

↑ Our friends from Onnagawa Sangai FM ❤

And an Aarin cosplayer (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Aarin thinks a listener sent the costume in!

Thank you! ♪

And then, we saw the Onnagawa train station, which was reopened yesterday

Finally, the Onnagawa train station is ready, and it was really crowded with people (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

This train will connect town to town, people to people, and deliver smiles!

We heard from Onnagawa Sangai FM’s Abemana-chan that there’s a hot spring inside the train station, about how peaceful the scenery of the town looks from inside the train, and how the shopping street in front of the station will get more prosperous from now on.

We didn’t get to ride on the train this time, but it’ll be great if we can do so the next time we visit— 🚃

Aarin really looks forward to it (。-∀-)

Thank you all so much for today!

We’ll come to play again ✊

So, everyone at Onnagawa ❤❤
Wait for us (laugh)

Sasaki Ayaka