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Ayumi Hamasaki: Simple is the Best!!

Simplicity fits “women with an aura” well

This autumn, JELLY is aiming for the cool-type of girl, and the leader of that category is definitely AYU. From popular fashion items to thoughts about much-anticipated mini-album 『FIVE』, ayu’s serves the “NOW” to us straight!

Quote: “To be simple is to test yourself out”


Stepping out of the realm of POWER of MUSIC, Ayu completes the new mini-album with all her heart! All songs are single-quality, perfection 200%

Quote: “All the songs have a common theme. A kind of “hope” that tells you not to give up yet.”

JELLY’s main theme for this month is the “cool-type of girl”. So ayu, tell us first what you think it means for a girl to be cool!
“I think that the real meaning of being cool doesn’t have to do with wearing Western-style clothes. What is more important is the mindset. I will summarize a cool person as being “someone who always takes responsibility, no matter when or what”. So no matter how cool your clothes are, if you do not have the right inner being, the pretence of coolness will be easily seen through, right?”

When ayu was younger like most of JELLY’s readers, did she aspire to become a cool girl?
“Of course! I did then, and I still hope to become one now.”

How does a “cool-type” dress, fashion-wise?
“I’ve worn lots of different clothes before, but when I was younger, I used to think that “I’m strong!”, so I picked clothes which sort of resembled armour (laugh)”

How about now? This year, tailored jackets, centre-press pants, Oxford shoes and mannish items are really popular. What are your picks?
“I’ve always loved tailored jackets, so I personally own some. However, I don’t really wear them in a mannish way. I like to balance it out with a denim or frilly miniskirt ♪”

Any items you really wish to get this autumn?
“Actually, I made the very item which I wished to have! I did a collab with the 「Aquascutum」 brand and made a totally ayu-produced black trench ♪ It’s going on sale this autumn, and is a really cool, cute coat, I totally recommend it to all the girls who read JELLY! During the halfway-point break in this year’s tour, we did lots of trial and error on the coat’s design, cut, lining, buttons, tags and other small details. Finally, we came up with some items that we’re confident of.”

So, they match ayu well?
“Yes ♪ One of them is aimed at “cool beautiful girls”, and fits well with the playful nature of JELLY. I’m really looking forward to seeing how everyone will wear the coat!”

Maybe they’ll look like you do in this photoshoot.
“No no, they’ll take more normal photos. (laugh) When we did the photoshoot today, we all burst into hysterical laughter after taking some shots, right? And everyone was asking each other “Did you come?” So, I think all the readers already know this, but please never imitate what I did in this shoot (lol)”

And then, just when we were all thinking “Is the next single coming soon?~”, we suddenly get 5 new songs all at once ♥ The sense of responsibility and the strength of heart possessed by a girl that ayu talked about just now, are they a reflection of 「progress」?
“Yes. Please make it your personal image song ♪”

To JELLY, the two duet pieces with AAA’s Nao-kun and JUNO are both sad love songs that are really extreme.
“In 「Dream ON」 released last year, we sang about strong love characteristic of us. In 「ANother song」 this time, you’ll hear about helpless misery and sorrow. The lyrics were written as I chatted with NAO.”

There were lots of girls spotted crying during the 2 ballads’ performance during a-nation.
“They’ve received lots of praise on Twitter, and are fighting over the Top 2 positions of chaku-uta’s rankings…”

Well! Seems like ayu’s “sorrowful type” is a sure hit. And the fact that it’s a duet is also refreshing. I’m asking this because I made a promise, so what are these sorrowful feelings of yours…?
“Finally, this question!…. I’ve already forgotten them. (lol)”

I see. You’re really happy now. (laugh) Well, we won’t have 「beloved」 if you aren’t…
“OK, let’s end here ♥”

Ahaha. All the songs come with PVs and making-ofs, where the directors explain their ideas, providing the perfect audio and video response!
“All the clips take nearly an hour to play, so get ready and enjoy ♪”

Quote: “Being cool is not just about outward appearances, but also concerns your inner being”