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30 May 2013. 01:30

Everyone, sorry!!
I forgot to publish this entry from Day 2 at Osaka—!!! m(__)m
Oh man—–
Sorry for the delay, but I’ll publish it now.

Day 2 at Osaka!! Has concluded successfully—–!!!!!

Everyone really got so highhh!! ← (Totally speaking in Osakan dialect)

Honestly, the passion of the Osaka people is truly amazinggg!!

And so, we’ll be introducing our catering today ☆
This was today’s menu♪

We always have special menus consisting of delicacies from that region, and we get lots of delicious food catered for us.

↑ They made lots of takoyaki for snacks- ☆

Here’s dancer KAZUMA-san having some!

He’s a carnivore guy! ←(Not that kind)

We’re super grateful to all the staff who always prepare such delicious food for us!
Thank you.
And then, we also had the super popular cheese cake from PABLO-san today!!!!!

Hidden inside that golden exterior is super soft, drip~ping cheese cake!!

This was s—o soft and jiggly!!! ← (Totally speaking in Osakan dialect Part 2)
The thickness was truly worth of the praise from everyone!!

PABLO-san, thank you so much!!

Lastly, thank you so so much to everyone for the 2days at Osaka!
We’ll power up somemore and return to Osaka in July, so please come to see us again ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆