Posted on 2014-03-08 01:07:53

Mime mime mime mime ♪
Uh! Mime be sa son ♪

Ahhh- I want to start a campfire (*>∀<*)
Such a sudden thought in winter (lol)

Actually, spring is just around the corner, isn’t it? ☆

But it’s still so so cold ((((・´_`・)))
Everyone living in areas with severe snows, please take care
Don’t catch a cold

And then~
One more week to Kokuritsu!!

Hm?!… Which means

It’s also one more week
to my birthday?!

Actually, in truth,
it just feels as if all the excitement of important life events
is coming up on me all at once
New Year, Christmas, birthday, coming-of-age ceremony, marriage (*Θ*)

To celebrate a wonderful birthday at the Kokuritsu with everyone
I’m sure these things only happen once in a lifetime
So I really want to experience it with lots of happiness de-ariyasu (*’-’*)

Practice is progressing smoothly too
At this rate, we’ll be all ready for the show
I want to spend the best day together with everyone ☆

Of course, on the 16th too .:*:゜☆

For those who can’t come
I wish for our best smiles to reach out to you immediately… ☆

Excitement and nervousness and anxiety
are all evolving slowly and becoming unstoppable, but

I’ll take things a day at a time…

Keeping myself grounded
and moving forward step by step!!

Everyone, work hard at your jobs and stuff (*・Θ-*)

Ah! That’s right
About the headphones (my birthday merchandise) ♪
I think they’re delivering all the preorders now (*’-’*)

Fufu! ♪ How is it?! Do you like it??

Sorry for the usual drawing ^^;

I can’t draw high quality art
like the Momonofu and Mononofu

So please forgive
my Ariyasu style-ribbit (^Θ^;)

Today, Momoclo got to participate in the departure ceremony
for the “Michinoku SL Galaxy” today!!
For more details, the broadcast will start at 13:00~ on Sunday, during a special programme by Fuji TV
So please watch it if you can (*^^*)