Posted on 2014-03-10 01:11:07

Two days ago!
We took part in the departure ceremony for Michinoku SL Galaxy!

Thank you (*^^*)

Did everyone watch it on Mezamashi-?

We travelled only a short distance, from Kamaishi Station to Toono Station,
but the SL journey was totally enjoyable
because of the interactions with the passengers! image

The SL’s steam whistle was so cool too- (*∩ω∩)

Thank you!


…But it was so cold. (laugh)

So so
Let’s continue the countdown today-! \(^o^)/

…Eh?! Eh———–?!

It’s just 5 more days…

To Kokuritsu?!?!


What’s with that?!

Pannacotta!! (laugh)

image Sasaki Ayaka image


1. In the original entry, Aarin wrote “Nante kotta”, which is translated to “What’s with that?!”. She followed it up with “Pannacotta”, referencing the title of live concert “Oshiiro Manhattan ~Nantekotta Pannacotta~”.