While writing lyrics…
19 March 2014. 06:52
by ayu.

with intense concentration, I recklessly brought the phone into the bathroom, and it ended up slipping out of my hand and into the bathwater. (laugh)

No, it’s not supposed to be funny.
I got into a super panic and started to blow at it with the hairdryer, which caused my companion to shout “Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!”. Just as I was wondering why he did that, the phone overheated and burst in a mini-explosion. For a moment, it looked like beautiful fireworks, before we were plunged into darkness again. (laugh)

As I had the lyrics for 2 new songs in the phone, I didn’t give up and rushed to the AppleStore~…

Fortunately, the SIM card survived ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

I went “Whoaaaaa~!!!” in the AppleStore really loudly and everyone stared at me, but it’s ok!!!
My SIM card has survived, it’s all ok!!!

This photo was taken right after we entered the AppleStore, and shows a restless ayu-san (feat. Kitty-san) imploring the shop assistant while he worked on the phone. (laugh)