Posted on 2014-03-23 23:25:52

Just came back all refreshed from the beauty parlour~ ♪

And then,
I finally met up with my dear friends from high school ♪

Able to finally catch a breath after Kokuritsu
My private mood is all warm, snug and laid-back (*^Θ^*)

And then- and then-, listen to this~ ♪

When we visited this random cafe along the road,
I found out that my friend was doing part-time work there (* *)

She made me this wonderful dessert (⌒ ⌒*)

So I had a really happy day
Filled with gentleness from all my friends .:*:゜☆

I’m just so blessed, both at work and in life
with so much kindness from the Mononofu and my friends de-ariyasu (*’-’ *)

Yahoo- (*>∀<*)<br />
The days will be getting warmer from next week on
Spring is finally coming! ♪

The break is coming to an end
But let’s work hard for the last week of March- (*`・Θ・´*)