Posted on 2014-08-08 22:59:26

6 August was Kiyono-san’s birthday ♪

And 7 August was Doraemon… No,
It was Nobita-kun’s birthday (^w^)

And then, 8 August
is Dekoppachi day (laugh)

Someone is born every single day,
so that we get to celebrate each day in this Happy world

And when I wish someone happy birthday everyday,
it feels like everyone, including the blog readers,
are celebrating the event together ☆ ← It makes sense, right?!

Always treasure yourself
No matter what situation arises, never give up on your dreams,
and always continue on this endless journey~

I wanted to set today’s BGM as “Owari naki tabi”…
But I think BRADIO-san’s “Overnight Superstar” is great too
Nah, let’s go with “Owari naki tabi” ^^;

The photos
are off-shots from the Nissan phamplet ☆

I last wore the squid costume for an event 3 years ago!!!
It’s been upkept really well~ (* *)
I wonder if anyone still has a photo of us together, when I wore this during Cheki-kai— (lol)