Posted on 2014-12-14 11:31:41


Aarin has neglected the blog again…

After FNS, she was busy studying for school tests…

Well, that’s just an excuse (´・ω・`)

She’s really sorry! 💦💦

The announcements she wants to make are like a mountain—
What should she start with? (>_<)

Hmm, Momoclo-chan…

Has started rehearsals for Momokuri ( ˆoˆ )/

The setlist is confirmed!
The stage sets are confirmed!

Everything’s been decided 👀

was totally in love with midwinter Momokuri last year

The perspectives…
The setlist… The costumes…

She loved it all!

Aarin’s goal is to make this Momokuri surpass last year’s! (`・ω・´)

Just before this,
we did filming for the video clips for Momokuri!!

She thinks the shots were really cute— 💓 (laugh)

Atsunorin (Sasaki-san)
said that Aarin looked the cutest she’s ever looked! (laugh)

↑ That’s a compliment…right? (laugh)

She’ll upload the off-shots next time! 🙌

Thanks to everyone
who watched the Saint Seiya DVD!

It’s totally Aarin’s treasure… 💓

Everyone, please
check it out—! ( •∀•)/

Sasaki Ayaka