Posted on 2014-12-27 00:12:38

Momokuri ☆
I got to meet lots of people this year too (*・Θ・*)
To all the people who filled the venue to the brim…
And all who watched the LV…

And all who couldn’t come, but supported us from faraway…

I hope that at least a little of my feelings reached you! .:*:゜☆

To spend each year like this,
celebrating Christmas together with everyone

I’m really so grateful to all the people
who made this circumstance possible de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

It’ll be great
if we can spend Christmas together with everyone like this every year, forever and ever

Next year and the next… Forever and ever…

I want to be surrouded by lots of smiles .:*:゜☆

Oh! I’ll be carrying everyone’s voices and written notes
with me all the way to Kouhaku— ♪

Today was MSta ☆

We were in the midst of too-grand performers,
so I was just so nervous

But amidst warm cheers
Momoclo managed to successfully perform
as the top batters de-ariyasu (*・Θ-*)

Everyone~ Did you watch it—?? (*^^*)

And tomorrow,
will be the 3-hour special of Folk Village on Fuji NEXT

To be able to engage with my beloved music
every single day like this
really makes me so happy .:*:゜☆

I wish to perform to my very best (*^Θ^*)

Alright ☆ Let’s enjoy tomorrow too—!