Posted on 2015-01-04 01:48:55


Happy new year!

How did you spend it—?

Aarin basically slept lots~
Watched Ekiden~
Studied a little~
Watched some dramas she’d recorded~

And practiced her guitar!!!

She also ate too many rice cakes and New Year’s dishes,
and Mama got angry at her for that. (laugh)

We ended off 2014 with Kouhaku Utagassen.

It’s really so sad that Momoka couldn’t join us,
but we still had everyone’s singing voices and messages with us

Aarin believes that everyone supported us by watching us on TV

And it gave us strength! 😌

Everyone’s feelings have reached us!

Thanks so much for lending us your power.

And she was so happy to see the venue flooded with green— (^ω^)

At the moment, Aarin lifted up Momoka’s face ← (laugh)

Momoka—, did you see that—?
Aarin felt that it was awesome. (laugh)

And then, we performed together with Sakamoto Fuyumi-san!

Fuyumi-chan, you were really so strong and cool! 💓

It was a blessed moment
to hear Fuyumi-chan singing at such close range (^ω^)

Thank you!

We ate New Year’s soba with Maa-kun!

It was the best ending to 2014!

All 5 of us will be here next time!!!!!!

Ah, and—
The red team will win next time!!!!!

It was really so much fun to be able to stay all the way to the end—

And she got lots of screentime too! (。-∀-)

Alright! (laugh)

Aarin hopes to continue to polish herself in 2015
and become even more Aarin!

Please support her! (>_<)❤

Thanks for all your support this year too!!

Sasaki Ayaka