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<Hamasaki Ayumi>420,000yen Shopping at Harajuku, Visits 「LANDS of Eden.」 Store Arm-in-arm with JUNO

On the 8th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi, together with JUNO, the elder twin brother of Junsu from the 3-man Korean unit 「JYJ」 visited the store of fashion brand 「LANDS of Eden.」 at la foret Harajuku. Amidst cheers from the shoppers, the two stayed in the store for about 20 minutes picking items, finally leaving with 6 bags filled with 31 items, costing a grand total of 429,800yen. Changing into a striped long knitted parka, Hamasaki appeared at the storefront again, posing for the cameras while holding onto JUNO’s arm. With a smile, she stated “JUNO picked this for me. Do I like it? Yes, I do.”

「LANDS of Eden.」 opened its first store at la foret Harajuku on 17 September, and is a fashion brand with a relaxed, vintage concept. Before that, advertisements outside the building and at the storefront displayed JUNO holding a mystery lady in his arms. Much discussion sprang up regarding the identity of the beauty, and on the 7th this month, a new advertisement featuring Hamasaki and JUNO was revealed. In order to commemorate the release of this new visual, the two paid the store a visit.

The two came to the store a little after 6pm. After signing her autograph on the advertisment visual next to the store’s entrance, Hamasaki waved to all the cheering shoppers around. With that, she entered the store and did her shopping, all the while accompanied by a shopkeeper recommending items. After changing, a khaki and beige striped long knitted parka for Hamasaki and a blue and grey knitted top for JUNO, the two left the store in the midst of flashing media cameras.


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