Posted on 2014-03-12 01:41:17

Today’s the 3rd Anniversary of the Tohoku Disaster.

The only thing I can do
is to ensure that I “never forget this disaster”.

At 2:46pm today
we stopped lessons and observed a minute of silence.

I remember
how we observed a minute of silence on stage last year
for 11 March three years ago.

Time will continue to pass
and news about the disaster will continue to fade away

But I’ll never forget what happened on 11 March.

And then, as Sasaki Ayaka of Momoclo, the only thing I can do
is to “deliver smiles to everyone through song and dance”.

If our songs and dance
can bring even the slightest smile to everyone’s faces…
Deliver even the smallest bit of energy…

I will continue to put in every last bit of effort
to continue working hard.

When we visited Fukushima recently
Everyone there welcomed us with smiles, and it was wonderful!

Even after experiencing pain, everyone in Tohoku
were still so kind

I hope to continue to provide support to everyone
well into the future!

image Sasaki Ayaka image