21 March 2014. 13:49
by ayu.

I received a gift from my Sun.
Along with a tearjerker letter.

I have a box where I keep all the things precious to me, and this letter went into that box after I read it.

And then, the gift.
I don’t know if she realizes how she’s my Sun, or if it’s just coincidence, but it was a shirt she created, with a word that reminds me of how her smile always shines bright on everyone.

And the very first samples of the shirt were sent to me, the Moon, as a gift.

The Moon was really happy, and she decided to wear it everyday for those tough recording sessions, because it gave her power (*^^*)

It felt as if she was right beside me, cheering me on. “Hang on, hang on, chibi. You can do better!!” (*^^*)

Thank you.
You are my only Sun.

P.S. ☆

The white cropped sweatshirt was paired with the stripped dress from two keys last year.

The navy sweat-dress was paired with the parka from two keys last year.

In the end, two keys has always been with me on those important days, enjoyable days, and days when I get to meet my Sun.

Once again (*^^*)