Posted on 2014-07-05 00:39:52

A few days ago, we got to perform during
“Tsukino Usagi Birthday Party in Special vivi night” (*∩ω∩)

Thank you!

Sailor Moon is just so cute and playful,
and so strong too!!

Aarin will always love her! (*^ω^*)

Momoclo has the honour of singing
the opening and ending theme songs for Sailor Moon ♪

Aarin is so happy!

is really such a cool song!

Pardon Aarin for saying this,
but this song will definitely be a crowd pleaser during concerts! ♪

The ending theme is a girlish, wonderful song too

So everyone! Look forward to them~ (。-∀-)



The other day, Aarin went to watch a movie with Kanako-chan!

But Kanako-chan didn’t even confirm the date
up till the night before (laugh)

Aarin was just so restless
and screamed it out at home!!

“Kanako-chan, what are you doing—!” (laugh)

She wanted to be like Sailor Moon
and punish Kanako-chan in the name of the moon!! Really (laugh)

And after Aarin thought that they’d finally decided on a movie and meeting time,
Kanako-chan changed her mind (laugh)

And on the day itself, while Aarin was on her way to meet her,
Kanako-chan changed her mind yet again (laugh)

That’s our leader (°∀° )/
She’s just in a world of her own (laugh)

But we had so much fun in the end, so it was alright ♪

Let’s go out to play again, Kanako-chan ⌒(。・.・。)⌒


That’s right…

The goods for Toujinsai have been announced \(^o^)/

Has everyone seen them?

The goods this time are awesome as usual (`・ω・´)

So flashy (laugh)

It just gives the feeling of summer! Of festivals!

I can just imagine everyone all dressed up (○´艸`)

3 weeks more to Toujinsai…

image Sasaki Ayaka image