Posted on 2014-07-18 07:32:40

Summer’s Baka Sawagi is just around the corner…!!

It took place in August last year, but we’re doing it in July this time,
so it’s really early this year! (*^ω^*)

All the different preparations are progressing well— \(^o^)/

Aarin got her hair thinned out a little
in preparation for Nissan too!

She’s learned her lesson from last year— (laugh)

She doesn’t really understand it herself,
but after Aarin got her hair thinned
after Baka Sawagi last year, it made her feel all refreshed (laugh)

That was why
she regretted not doing it before the concert! (laugh)

So she’s done it this year!

Now it feels so good~ ( ̄∀ ̄)

It doesn’t really look very different

But it does feel lots lighter! (`・ω・´)

And it dries much faster after baths too

Nfu! ♪
This is the best———— (-^艸^-)


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