Posted on 2014-07-27 07:20:52

Today is Day 2 of Toujinsai! (`・ω・´)

To everyone who came yesterday,
or watched the live viewing

Thank you (。・ω・)ノ゙

To our guests
Tenryuu Genichirou-san and Kiyono-san

Thank you!

Wow—, it was just so very very very very hot…
What an amazing concert \(^o^)/

But since we still have Day 2, Aarin can’t talk too much about it now (。-∀-)

But it’s definitely THE festival of all summer festivals!!

What’s essential
will be energy, water (preferably from Aarin robot’s bottle), items to combat the heat, and Momoclo merchandise!

And lots of smiles!

Of course, your ticket too!

With these, you can’t go wrong *(^o^)/*

We had great weather yesterday,
and great weather today too~!

So exciting—!!

Let’s party for Day 2 again———————!

But be careful not to push yourself too hard!

And—————————, wasshoi!!!!



…Oh, please visit Teshiro Park too! ( *´ω`* )/

By the way,
Aarin is rehearsing
while wearing Toshiko-chan’s bracelet (laugh)

image Sasaki Ayaka image