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This is Aarin, who hasn’t calmed down yet. (laugh)

On the 26th and 27th,
we held Toujinsai at the Nissan Stadium \(^o^)/

To everyone who came,
and everyone who watched the live viewing
Thank you (。・ω・)ノ゙

To all our guests
Matsuzaki Shigeru-san
The Hanayagi Itoyuki troupe
Tokyo’s Kouenji awadoori troupe
Kochi’s yosakoi Obiya Machisuji troupe
Iwate’s toramai troupe
Okayama’s Miyasakaryuu umbrella dance troupe
Everyone from the Japan Mikoshi Association and Sakura Alliance
The Iwami kagura troupe
The Samurai Rock Orchestra
Japan Action Enterprise
Downtown Momoclo Band
and everyone from 3B

Thank you (。・ω・)ノ゙

Also, thank you
to all the vendors at Teshiro Park (。・ω・)ノ゙

Day 1 was just really really hot,
and Day 2 began with a little rain

Even so, it was such a joy to see everyone so hyped up
and waiting so patiently for the concert to begin!

Everyone, thank you so much.

Did everyone manage to stay healthy?

It’s true that we’ll never know what’s going to happen during the show itself,
so it’s always a “pit-a-pat heart throb” experience! (laugh)

But, really,
it’s really a chance to overcome all adversities! (。-∀-)

It was Aarin’s first concert since she recovered from her fracture
So she was quite nervous too (^_^;)

And Aarin’s not usually the type to feel nervous before a concert
But she was just so anxious this time… (laugh)

Though she did her best to hide the anxiety so that nobody would notice it! (laugh)

But once she got on stage and saw everyone’s smiles
the anxiety just melted away—!

So many Mononofu present,
with so many different guests
and so many staff members, all coming together to create Toujinsai!!

It was just the best summer festival! (`・ω・´)

Personally, Aarin thinks it’s the best summer festival in all of Japan!

Aarin really had the best fun!
Baka Sawagi with everyone is really so enjoyable ヾ(´∇`)ノ

And isn’t it just so awesome, to have all the traditional festival acts from all over the country put together here in one concert?

To have all the festival dances and rituals and performances all on the same stage,
putting up a show together.

All these different music, cheers, and dances here at Nissan Stadium,
and with the Hidano Shuuichi taiko troupe and the Downtown Momoclo band playing our songs together…!

So happy!

Aarin just wanted to join in–!!

She wanted to dance together with everyone—!!

Aarin just loves summer festivals~ (○´艸`)

She was just so hyped up
listening to the taiko drums, the festival songs, and all the folk tunes!

It feels like her blood was boiling ( ̄▽ ̄)

to spend this festival with all the Mononofu. It was really the best ( *´ω`* )/

There were fireworks, Bon odori, water soaking!

Going crazy during the concert with everyone!

She just loves Toujinsai! (laugh)

It was just so much fun (-^艸^-)

She’s so happy to have created yet another summer memory with everyone… Wasshoi—————! \(^o^)/ (laugh)

Thank you for the 60 000 penlight sea.
It was so beautiful!

Thank you for Day 2!!

Aarin hopes to do another festival again next year!

Every time a festival ends, it just feels like summer is already over,
and there’s this sense of loneliness—.

It’s definitely not over yet!!

I mean, summer has just begun!! (laugh)

This year’s Baka Sawagi is just the opening act
for a summer yet to come (°∀° )/

Momoclo’s summer is not over————!!




↑ This is the current wallpaper on Aarin’s phone. (laugh)

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